What is it all about?

I-myself is built on a simple thought framework (Copyright to Belinda Tilley 2018) that uses a  novel translation of financial and business terms such as ‘equity’, ‘assets,’ 'liabilities,' and ‘share trading’ into a social emotional ‘word picture’ and teaching program that young people can grasp, understand and work with. Every day we as human beings are making conscious and unconscious trades that affect our 'self equity' causing it to increase or decrease. Each interaction or eternal event  is received with an accompanying thought engagement and interpretation that will value or devalue us, value or devalue the particular event/relationship and value or devalue our future hope and prospects.

I-myself is a pre-emptive approach to the complex issues being experienced by young people,  a self empowering in that targets the core elements of  'Self Equity' - self talk,  self confidence, self worth, self belief, self motivation, significance and purpose.  

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Coaching Life Groups//  01

-  8-10 week age/gender/life-stage specific groups providing a  fun environment for self discovery and building up self Equity resulting in new sense of confidence, self worth and new skills to connect with peers. Magnifying their strengths, unique purpose and worth.`

These groups are intended as small Life Growth mentoring spaces that will provide fun group interaction, games and personal  exploration as well as regular one on one check ups, personalised training tools and challenges targeting their specific needs and issues. Meeting for 1 1/2  hrs weekly : enjoy 'hanging out'  in a relaxed area, enjoy music and shared snacks whilst we chat and learn. 

Groups for young people 10-12yrs, 13-15 yrs, 17+ and women.



Face to face Coaching // 02

Sometimes your young person needs another ear and another voice, other than yours. I'll bring perspective and pastoral care to your young people to coach them through the bumps in the road.  

- Short term 3-6 sessions Focused on 'chatting' about specific current needs or issues.

- Self Equity building - 24 sessions across 6 months

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I-Myself 100% Charge //  03

- School program - progressive delivery across one semester or across 4 terms with a group of 14 -20 Students

- Private group delivery 4-6 students with progressive delivery, mentoring and accountability, includes regular parent support sessions

Power Shots //  04

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-  15-45 minutes these talks are suitable as keynote motivational type talks at School assemblies, transition days, end of year presentations.

- 2 x 40 minute motivational talks packaged as a short seminar with Q&A  on issues of self worth, self confidence and self esteem for Y7 & 8 or Y9 & 10, Y11 & 12. Also suitable for new trainees and graduation apprentice events for training organisations and businesses.

- 20-40 minutes talk School & staff meeting talks - outlining basic principles of the thought framework

- 45 minutes Parent info sessions ( One off or packaged as a series).