Changing her opinion of herself.

THE HERSELF PROJECT is a community empowered Initiative towards bettering the future of women who've been disempowered by their circumstances. Often the very people who need this type of empowerment program are the very one's who can't afford it.  With this in mind, concerned individuals, businesses and organisations in the Mount Gambier community  including  StandLikeStone, One Forty One, Wibrd, You are Not Alone and the City of Mount Gambier, Optus & Galpins, Liberty Church and LimeFM have come together to offer a special Community funded Herself Life Group with 10 Scholarships available worth $3000 each. To find out how you can be part of this project email 

Change your life.

Apply for a Program Scholarship

- Commencing Feb 2021

Are you're ready to be all that you can be? 

Ready to recalibrate your perception of who you are, clarify your purpose, articulate your ambitions, discover your strengths and empower you to live your most authentic and powerful life?

If you are, you could access one of 10 scholarships worth over $3000 to undertake the Herself empowerment program.

These scholarships are available to local women who can participate in person in Mount Gambier for a  2 1/2 hr session per week for four months commencing in February 2021. (Times will be decided when the cohort has been selected.)


31 December 2020

- Extended to 27 January

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The Herself Project Scholarship Application

Change Some else's Life.

Become a Program Mentor

- Commencing Feb 2021

Many women in our community have faced significant challenges such as the loss of their partner, the loss of employment, economic hardship, social isolation, family violence or just a turn of life events that has knocked the wind out of their sails.


You can change another woman’s life, restoring worthiness and meaning to her by becoming a mentor for The Herself Project.


It’s an exchange: we will provide you with valuable mentors training (Across 4 weeks) which you will then use when you help her across the 16 week Herself Program. Its a win-win offer You get empowered to empower others.


31 December 2020

- Extended to 27 January

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The Herself Project

Mentors Application

Contribute to Community Capacity Building.

Share your skills and Knowledge

- Feb to May 2021

Join our ranks to  partner with others as  community changemakers.


By being part of Herself you’ll be gaining  social equity as  an organisation that is socially responsible, intent on doing good and who cares about individuals in our community.


Work with us to share your skills, life experience, services or knowledge in topical workshops and offering supporting services. Discover how you can join us to help other women in our community rise. 


Together, we can help many women in our community to reach for and create  a happier, better life.  


24 December 2020

- Extended to 27 January

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The Herself Project Community Collaboration

A word from Project Founder Belinda Tilley :

"Over the past 15 years I've met women across our community who through a variety of circumstances including loss of a job, the struggle to return to work after being at home with children, the death of a spouse, relationship breakdown and divorce, and domestic violence find themselves alone in difficult situations. Most significantly they find themselves in situations that need courage and confidence to overcome - and yet they find themselves without these and so much more.

My experience in working with young people, women and families of all descriptions has shown me that with individuals of all ages and genders the voice that speaks the loudest is our own. That means the job to be done is to change our own opinion's of ourselves.

That what this project will do."

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