Our Influencers & Advocates 

I-Myself is building an army of influencers  and advocates who want to be part changing a generation of young people by pr-emptive changing how they think, what they believe and as a result their choices and future. 

1 in 3 of us have been impacted by the complex issues impacting our young people - from bullying to self harm and suicide the statistics are more than just numbers to you. You've felt their impact or seen it's ripple effects and you won't stand by any loner.



You're socially connected and conversationally gifted. you have a following and a network of connections.

You have strong values and beliefs and want to make a difference in the lives of others.


You are media savvy and you're  passionate about supporting causes you believe in. And making the difference in the lives of young people is something you believe in.

You know how to influence and communicate effectively and you're willing to use your channels and connections to do just that by promoting this unique teaching framework, the workshops, mentoring and app by which it is delivered. 


You have a network of contacts in your community, in business, welfare or government or education. You've got children in school, you've got grandchildren in school. You're a mover, a change maker, someone willing to stand up and speak up.

You're ready to promote and advocate for funding and our education departments and schools to take advantage of the workshops and multi platform app that is I-Myself.

You will look for grant opportunities, nominate I-Myself for them and be part of lobbying government and philanthropic organisations to help get this training and app into the hands of our young people.

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