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 "You are worthy right now- not when, not if.       Worthiness does not have prerequisites."

  Brene Brown


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A word from Program Author Belinda Tilley: ​

My experience in working with young people, women and families of all descriptions has shown me that with individuals of all ages and genders the voice that speaks the loudest is our own.

Science has proved that the mind shapes the brain not the other way around.


What we think is impacting us mentally, emotionally and physiologically. Our thinking even impacts our DNA Code. - As we think so are we! 


I am convinced that the job to be done is to change our own opinion's of ourselves.

That what the Herself  Program will do."

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The Herself self-empowerment program will help you recalibrate your perception of who you are, clarify your purpose, articulate your ambitions, discover your strengths and empower you to live your most authentic and powerful life.

The program will help you  purpose directing you towards employment pathways for independent and self-reliant futures whilst increasing our overall community capacity and wellbeing. This four month, progressive program of “brain training,”  is supported by a Mentoring & workshops.  

Herself is a targeted version of the locally developed, Highly awarded program I-Myself. Acclaimed for its innovative, evidenced based concepts the brain-training program helps individuals to  build and sustain  Self-Equity: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, self-belief and Self-Confidence. Herself offers an abridged version of the I-Myself program that has been specifically adapted for women.

The Herself Program can be  provided in one to one coaching sessions or by a life group personal development program. These programs can be run by school parent groups, sports clubs or a private group of individual that want to journey together. 

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Changing Your opinion of yourself.