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CHILDREN from 5yrs

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Social Emotional Coaching for Kids: Feelings fuel Behaviour.


Helping your kids with their feelings will be life changing. Some kids need just a little help to better understand their  emotions and the effects of those emotions on their behaviour, choices and responses. Helping them recognise triggers, learn how to make their feelings smaller and giving them powerful strategies to take control of themselves.


Face to Face Individual Sessions :

40 minutes

Booking in 8-10 week blocks.

Peer group sessions - Booking term blocks.


School based interventions available. 

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I-Myself is changing lives by


- A Life Coaching framework for young people & women

- Social Emotional Learning Coaching & support  for children & young people 
- Emotion Coaching
- Positive Psychology & Wellbeing Coaching 
- Parenting Support
-Communication Coaching
Including gratitude practices, mindfulness and relaxation practices

Some people need maths tuition, some english tuition, some get tennis or sports coaching and others need just a bit of extra input with social emotional development and self perceptions. Doing the work on the inside will help the life lived on the outside


For children & young people I-MYSELF provides options for coaching within and outside of the school environment, mentoring, motivational keynote talks and parent seminars.  Over and Above the schools services we offer individual Life coaching services across three different  demographics. Belinda is a Qualified practitioner in Wellbeing Classroom and Kimochis,as well as all the I-Myself tools so you can be sure you child will have a caring , respectful and kind coach helping them to become their best self when you book her as their Life Personal Growth Coach.

The services we provide do not replace or supersede medical advise. If you have serious concerns about your child's mental health or you own please seek help from you GP. Our services are more akin to those of a Personal Training but we are training the brain instead of the body. 

With over 25 years working with women and young people has culminated in these services. Online or face to face, at your school or at your workplace we are committed to growing resilience and self-equity in individuals and communities.

TEENAGERS from 10yrs

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Life Coaching for teens :

Does your young person need an extra boost in their own self perceptions? More often than not the voice accusing them the most is their own!







Critical to their resilience and wellbeing is self-worth, self-confidence, self-belief and self-image. This program will help them discover and understand what Self Equity is how to grow it, maintain it and multiple it. 


This framework is successful with young people from 11 yrs upwards  to grow Character & develop resilience.


 - Individual weekly face to face

-  Individual Video chat

-  Peer group Life Groups

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WOMEN all ages

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Life Coaching for  women:

Helping women change their opinion of themselves: Creating self-equity for better futures.


Individual Life Coaching:

Helping women grow and develop Self-Equity and Resilience through life events, setbacks or to reach a specific goal.

Booking in 10 week blocks.

Face to face or Zoom sessions

Workshops, Online community & Group Supports:

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