"Am I enough?"

This is the question I-Myself answers with a resounding "Yes!"


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Founded in 2018 I-Myself Pty Ltd  is a hybrid program that's melded together concepts from the business sector into an educational  format. Launched as a business created as a result of the Flinders University Venture Dorm Accelerator program. Now with two years of clear evidence the progam is powerfully changing lives giving young people and individuals the weight in the boots to empower changed futures.


 I-myself is a pre-emptive approach to the complex issues being experienced by young people and many individuals,  a self empowering teaching framework that targets the core elements of individual 'Self Equity' - training  self confidence, self worth, self belief and purpose.


Its a novel and powerful strategy  delivered in private mentoring or via a series of face to face workshops in schools with supporting school kits. These workshops  are also providing a co-design opportunity for young people to be part of  the development of this content into a multi-platform app which is being created with gamification and virtual reality for high levels of engagement.

I-MYSELF provides options for workshops within and outside of the school environment, mentoring, motivational keynote talks and parent seminars.


Statistics, research and  experience is proving that  a large majority of young people’s self doubt is relentlessly asking  “Am I enough?”


1 in 3 of us  have been touched by the effects of the ‘Self Equity’ deficit that is prolific amongst our young people.


Without a good measure of self equity, life can be extremely painful, even fatal!


There’s a job to be done.

To change young people’s opinion of themselves. 

Empower them to believe in themselves

give them 100% Equity in who they are and what they are capable of.

And equip them to sustain, guard and protect this self equity and understand the unseen trading that  is occurring between them and others all the time.


Our solution framework is called I-myself - its a clear and powerful approach for training, building, growing and sustaining self equity - that is made up of the assets of  self confidence, self worth, self belief and purpose, and good will relationships.

The Framework gives young people good measures of self equity empowering them to stand up to bullies, self harm and suicide; to be purposeful, setting course for  success.

Self equity will give them weight in their boots and I-Myself will deliver that self equity.