With our start up business only just underway with us still finding our stride it was with great delight and surprise that we received the news of I-Myself's nomination in the South Australian Community Achievement awards.

So November 2018, just 4 months after founding the company we were heading off to Adelaide for I-Myself to presented as a Nominee in the prestigious Flinders University Rural Health SA Regional Achievement Award, by The Hon David Pisoni MP, Minister for Industry and Skills at the 2018 South Australian Community Achievement Awards Presentation Gala held at the Hilton Adelaide on Friday 2nd November.

The Awards were hosted by Jessica Adamson, Weekend News Presenter, Channel 7 and 500 guests gathered from across the State to celebrate South Australia’s high achievers and community contributors.

I-myself was recognised as an innovative program assisting young people to build their self-confidence and sense of purpose, which delivers face-to-face workshops and ultimately on a multi-platform app. The nomination applauded the unique and innovative use of the financial and business concepts that are the foundations of I-myself empowering young people to create a better future.

You never know where your passion and purpose might take you and you're never to old to re-imagine your life and re-design how you deliver your best to the world. My passions have taken me all around the world on adventures the range from investigative documentary making in Hong Kong to documenting miracles in Canada, to undercover journalist in Zimbabwe. They've included leading youth camps and women's development retreats. Leopard crawling across garden lawns to capture family portraits, early morning hikes to capture wild life images and picture perfect scenes of 5 star safari Lodges. And now honoured to be on the stage in Adelaide with a group of innovative passionate world changers.

This nomination is such a wonderful honour and recognition of our thought & training framework & all we hope this program can achieve. I-Myself's purpose trains your ‘Self-Equity’ - that is your self worth, self esteem, self confidence, self belief, self talk and purpose. Using a financial model of self equity it helps to review, balance and exchange assets, liabilities and good will to provide powerful sustainable self equity. Thanks to the support and generosity of all who’ve been part of my journey in presenting this framework which stand on truth from the Bible: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

It feels like it a roller coaster ride of surprising moments. Venture Dorm was a way to connect with businesses in the area and offer my services as Creative solutions but then... the idea of this business was born...And then all of a sudden I was a finalist in the New Venture Institute eNVIes 2018. Next almost before I was the founder of I-Myself,

( ) this exciting social enterprise company founded in July 2018.

Despite some major surgery that slowed the growth in October I found myself attending the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce outstanding Business Awards 2019 nominated and one of two finalists in the Innovation Category.

The support and interest from the community in my innovative thought framework, coaching and mentoring concept has been overwhelming. It's an idea and business that is constantly evolving and developing and I'm already seeing it change lives.

I've been supported in so many ways by local business owners and some of my clients from my other business such as Toni Vorenas from Metro whose a client, friend and business mentor. I think this is the gift of a small community like Mount Gambier.

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

When it comes right down to it how good is your self image really? Do you see yourself with flaws and cracks like a broken vase barely held together?

When asked about three of their most common self talk statements 80% a group of young people gave negative responses.

“I'm not tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not interesting enough. I'm not likeable enough, not funny enough, not sporty enough. I'm not enough!”

Their own opinion of themselves was in deficit. It was an image that was cracked and flawed and indeed this is how they see themselves. Their deeply held misbeliefs have distorted their opinions of themselves and as a result their self equity is unstable and volatile - often impacting their behaviours and choices with negative outcomes that appear to confirm these usually long held misbeliefs and wrongly placed expectations.

Some of base misbeliefs held by our young people. Lies they are believing as truth.  Its needs to be replaced with actual truth.
The misbelief young people have are actually lies.


What we believe is all important

You see for each of us it makes a difference what we believe. What we tell ourselves is either the truth or a lie. If you believe something you will act as if you believe it. What we think or believe will determine our feelings and actions.  (#misbeliefs #beliefsdeterminesactions #notenough)

It is not the circumstances, events and people that determine how we feel its what we tell ourselves about those circumstances, events and people that will do that. When young people hold misbeliefs they will devalue themselves, the situation and ultimately their future. 

When our young people dismantle their misbeliefs, flip their negative self talk, and make an inventory of their strengths, invest in themselves with positive self talk and self belief their prospects for the future will change too.