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OUR WHY // 01


"Am I enough?"    "Is there any point? "

These are the two questions we cant bear to leave unanswered. These are the two questions that have echoed again and again across in classrooms, school grounds and sad texts from students  and young clients across all backgrounds, races, and  continents.


 Young people's self doubt and misbeliefs are bankrupting their "Self Equity" - these questions left unanswered are devastating liabilities.  The evidence of their effects are seen in the horrific statistics of 1 in 7 young people suffering from a mental health problem, 1 in 3 young people taking their own lives and an increase in addictions, self harming and bullying.

These questions must be given a response.


This thought  framework is our response to help young people find their truth and that they might know and believe that they are enough and there is a point. 

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WHAT// 03


The I-Myself original Teaching Framework works with young people to lead them step by step through a self empowerment program. The program first builds a foundation of strengths by taking an inventory and developing their individual assets registry ( strengths, positive self talk, affirmations etc.) 

Next the program explores the debtors, debts and liabilities (Misbeliefs and self-talk, habits and choices) that are bankrupting our young people`s relationships and lives.

Once young people's "self - equity' has been revalued correctly we teach them how to maintain that value and build on developing "Good Will' in all their primary and wider relationships, restoring value to those that have been devalued and creating investment into new reputations and associations.  We help them to assess how they are valuing or devaluing their situation and the future.

As young people learn to grow and guard their personal  assets, their equity is increased and sustained amist life's daily interactions. They gain the skills to ensure that the events and  circumstances happening to and around them, the words and actions of others no longer have an impact on their self equity, choices, decisions and capacity.

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OUR HOW // 02

The job  to be done: to change young people's opinion of themselves.

Empowering them to believe in themselves, giving them 100% self equity in who they are and what they are capable of. Young people with self equity will stand up to bullies, self harm and suicide; Will be purposeful, setting course for  success. Self equity will give them weight in their boots and I-Myself will deliver that self equity.

I-Myself is a program of brain training that will explore and recalibrate the key components of "self equity"  - build up assets and dismantle liabilities, protect against illegal debtors such as misbelief and shame,  and increase goodwill in relationships.


I-Myself will teach young people how to have and hold their self equity shares amidst the turbulent effects of life's day to day trading which is occurring knowingly and unknowingly between us all. 

Reaching Out to the Sun

WHO // 04

The program is suitable for young people from age 10 - 24 years and is best when used across an extended time frame. ie minimum of 6 months or two terms.

The program can be delivered in schools and colleges, in small groups or in classes.


The program also works  in a mentoring environment in small groups ie 4-6 young people in an empowerment group outside of school. This can be very helpful if young people are having difficulties in the school environment. Having a support group with a trusted adult and peers can have a very powerful effect on a young person.

The frame work is also available as a series of one day professional development sessions   for  staff and trainees or apprentices of businesses. Is power in helping create a supportive and growth mindset culture in any organisation

Training is also available for parents  in a different format. That will assist them in relating, communicating and understanding their young adolescents and helping them through the challenges they are facing.

Motivational Keynote talks  are also helpful for staff and clubs.